Choosing the Right Wall Lamp Hanger

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wall lamp hanger

The wall lamp hanger is a veritable furnishing element capable of evoking atmospheres and emotions. It can be used as a standalone light or as an accent to highlight particular characteristics of a room such as a window or an artwork. The lighting market offers a wide selection of models, which differ by design, style and size but also by connection, lamp holder and the bulbs that they fit with. The wide choice of solutions makes it possible to find the perfect model for any environment, a solution that perfectly integrates within the space and reflects its specific needs.

The choice of materials is fundamental for a wall lamp, from eco-friendly choices that are more in tune with nature and respectful of the environment to precious ones and metals that shape minimalist and ultramodern elements. Similarly, the choice of lighting type is crucial: halogen wall lamps cast a light very similar to natural one while LED wall sconces are characterized by conspicuous power savings and quality chromatic effects.

Choosing the right sconces for your home is essential and it is important to take the time to choose carefully. Once you have found the perfect sconces, it is important to hang them at the correct height. A good rule of thumb is to hang sconces approximately 15.5 inches above the mantel or 6 inches out from the edge of an artwork. Once the sconces are hung, it is also important to stand back and look at them from all angles to make sure that they are properly placed and that they “feel” right. In addition, it is a good idea to live with the sconces for a day or so before making any final decisions about the placement.

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