Protect Your Floor With Chair Glides

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chair glides

If you want to protect your floor from the damage and scratches that chair casters can cause, it’s a good idea to get some chair glides. Glides are a much cheaper alternative to replacement casters and they can be bought in large quantities. They also help to reduce the noise made by a chair when it moves across a floor.

They can be installed in a matter of minutes, with some being designed to be screwed into the bottom of a chair leg. Others may simply snap over the top of a chair leg to securely latch onto it. The type of chair glide that you choose to use will depend on your floor and the material of your chairs. Hard plastic and nylon glides are the most durable and are a good option for most floors, while felt chair glides can be used on wooden and laminate flooring.

When deciding on the best chair glide for your floors, it’s important to take into account how often and how heavy each chair will be moved. If you have a high volume of school furniture that is constantly being moved, then you will want to invest in a set of strong and long-lasting furniture glides.

The chair-leg glides that we offer are available in many different styles and colours, and can be purchased in bulk to save on costs. They are also suitable for a range of different types of chair. Whether you have a wood-based chair, or a plastic-based one, we have the ideal chair-leg glides for your specific needs.

Most chair glides are stuck on to the bottom of a chair leg with some form of adhesive. Typically this is peel and stick but other types of adhesives can be used as well. The problem with these is that the side loading inherent in moving the chair will squish the glide to a point that it loses contact with the floor and becomes damaged.

The most innovative of the chair glide solutions is the use of a rubber, elastomer or TPR base. These are a much soft medium than standard glide base materials and give a sticky non-skid surface for the chair. They are a quiet choice for school chairs as they slow down the speed that students move their chairs, helping to avoid floor damage and disruptive noises.

Felt-based chair-leg glides are another popular choice as they provide a soft, cushioned barrier between the floor and the chair legs. These are particularly suitable for laminate and wooden floors and are available in a wide range of sizes to suit various chair-leg shapes. They are also easy to install, with most just snapping on to the bottom of a chair leg. These are one of the most effective ways to protect your flooring from the scuffs and scratches caused by chair casters. Felt-based chair-leg glides tend to be more expensive than other options but they do last longer and are a good investment.

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