Garden Furniture Trends 2023

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garden furniture trends 2023

Whether you’re looking to add some glamour to your patio, expand your dining area or give your garden a fresh new look, there are many exciting trends to take note of this year. From luxury interior brands taking on the outdoors to new ways of looking at your space, these furniture trends 2023 will help you transform your outdoor living spaces into a personal feel-good retreat Nnnuu.

A popular trend in the world of interior design, curved lines are a welcome addition to the garden. Curved sofas and chairs soften the hard edges of a patio, while adding visual interest. This style is also easier to sit in, and more comfortable than traditional straight-backed chairs with sharp armrests.

Metal is another popular exterior furniture trend, especially when it’s combined with natural warmth. Bronze and copper finishes, as well as warm-toned metallic furniture, are a great way to add some color to your backyard. You can also incorporate this trend into your plant selections with flowers like pansies and dahlias in shades of copper and orange, or with plants such as sedum ‘Golden Sedge’, heucherella ‘Sombrero Adobe’ orange coneflower, tecoma ‘Red Hot’ or veranda mango rose.

Terrace gardens are a major outdoor trend this summer, with more people than ever wanting to enjoy their outdoor space in a more natural way. One of the best ways to achieve this is with natural greenery, which helps to provide privacy from neighbors and passersby. Plants that are particularly well-suited to the balcony and terrace garden include bamboo, heucherella, fuchsia, lilac, boxwood and pampas grass.

Another way to bring naturalness into your terrace garden is through the use of natural stone. A number of the big garden furniture trends 2023 will feature this material, either in new concrete or reinterpreted rattan furniture. These natural materials can look very sophisticated and modern, and are a perfect alternative to more contemporary synthetic materials.

Adding an element of light is another easy way to bring in the summer and make your garden more usable into the twilight hours. Hanging lights around the terrace or hanging lanterns in the trees are a nice way to create a cozy atmosphere for evening dinner parties with family and friends.

Finally, adding a sense of adventure to your outdoor space is another good way to make it more fun. Creating a meandering garden pathway is a wonderful way to get a closer look at your favorite plants, and it can help to create an overall more unique space. You can find a wide variety of pre-designed walkways available to purchase, but you can also easily build your own path by simply laying stones in a pattern that you like.

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