5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Show You Care

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If you’re looking for a way to show your friends and family that you truly care about them, look beyond the standard gift baskets and scented candles. Instead, consider a thoughtful gift that will give them something they can use or a fun activity that they’ll love. From DIY options like drawing a portrait of their dog or learning how to knit, to pre-made gifts you can personalize, these budget-friendly presents will win you major brownie points and don’t require the skills of a crafting whiz.

A useful gift is a great gift because it keeps on giving, long after the novelty wears off. Plus, it shows that you went to great lengths to find the perfect item. Whether you choose an item that’s practical for their home or office, like this state-themed candle that celebrates the places they’ve visited and love, or opt for something that’s fun, like this adorable polka dot cookie jar for their kitchen, your gift will be a hit.

For the tween in your life who can’t get enough of K-POP, a time capsule is the perfect way to preserve their current obsession for years to come. Gather together priceless artifacts, like old ticket stubs, brochures, and playbills, and include a short note about what the gift means to you. They’ll be able to open it on their birthday or some other special occasion and relive the good times you spent together.

Another way to show your love is through volunteer work, which is a free (and incredibly meaningful) gift for anyone on your list. They’ll feel like the world is a better place when you take a day to pick up trash in a park, donate blood, or even just spend time serving others.

You can also give the gift of service by putting together a coupon book that they can redeem for free house-sitting, pet-sitting, or babysitting. These thoughtful ideas are the perfect gift for anyone who could use a little help from their loved ones, but just doesn’t have the time or energy to ask for it themselves.

Katherine is an associate editor at Best Products, where she collects unique gift ideas and tests out buzzy products. She’s especially fond of this reusable food wrap that looks way cuter than clingfilm in the fridge. When she’s not testing out the latest beauty finds, you can usually find her tending to her plant collection or tackling a new DIY project in her home.

Everyone has a unique brand, or “personality,” that makes them special to the people around them. It could be humor, kindness, problem-solving, encouraging, or empathizing. The more you nurture your personality, the better it will be for yourself and those who surround you. You are a gift, whether you realize it or not. The world needs all the yous it can get. For more, check out this article on how to be a gift to yourself. And if you’re ready to start giving the gift of yourself to those around you, shop our collection of the best gifts for men and women here.

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