Decorating With Vintage With Modern Style

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vintage with modern style

Vintage with modern style is a growing trend that combines old or inherited furniture with more contemporary styles. The result is a soulful and unique interior design that adds a sense of history to any home. The key is to create the right balance between different elements so that the space doesn’t look cluttered or chaotic.

Often used to refer to wine, the term vintage is now also used to describe clothing and furniture from between 20 and 100 years old. Fashion enthusiasts love to shop for vintage Chanel and Louis Vuitton handbags, while collectors enjoy a wide range of vintage jewellery from the early 1900s. Vintage watches and other pieces of memorabilia from eras gone by are also popular with enthusiasts, who enjoy the craftsmanship and beauty of older items.

For those who are less interested in fashion memorabilia but like the charm of vintage pieces, it’s possible to incorporate a modern vintage style into your home by mixing different furniture and decor styles. For example, a plush vintage couch can be balanced by angular modern chairs or a mid-century table with glass or aluminum legs. Modern vintage furnishings and decor items are also a great choice for a kitchen or home office, with vintage wooden cabinets, marble countertops, and industrial metal shelving adding character to a contemporary kitchen.

When it comes to incorporating a modern vintage style into your home, deciding on a colour palette is essential. Neutral colours are the best option, as they allow the furniture and other decor pieces to take center stage. A neutral colour scheme also makes it easier to change out the decor when you want to update your interior.

Incorporating natural materials is another good way to make a modern vintage style work in your home. Natural wood flooring and rugs with geometric patterns or tribal designs are an ideal choice for this interior style. For an even more luxurious look, try pairing your furniture with a vintage-inspired chandelier that has brass accents or a modern pendant lamp that features clean lines and a metallic shade.

Many people who are decorating with a modern vintage style are inspired by the wabi-sabi philosophy, which emphasizes simple living and imperfect but aesthetically pleasing objects. This can be achieved by displaying family photographs or vintage posters in a gallery wall, using an antique mirror for a bathroom vanity, or placing a shabby-chic vase on a modern bookshelf.

Another great way to create a modern vintage look is by introducing plants into the space. The greenery adds warmth and texture and complements the sleek lines of modern furniture. It’s also an excellent way to create visual symmetry, which is an important element of modern interior design. A row of succulents on the windowsill or a pair of modern planters by the door can be a great accent to any room.

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